PT. Tricipta Agung Sejahtera

Specialty Chemicals

Creating  Solutions

For The  Customers' Needs


PT. Tricipta Agung Sejahtera (PT. TAS) established in 1998 with strong commitment in building productive partnership with our clients, in Plastic, Food, and Coating industries. As the Reliable Partner for Quality Plastic, Food, and Coating Industries, with trust as the basic foundation to build a strong business partnership, PT. TAS supplies only certified products with guarantee in safety and perfection in quality.


Commitment to be the reliable partner stands for the vision, “To be the preferred Company to create Solutions For the Customers Needs and to give value added to the customers”. 


In this progressive world, the changes in the market become unpredictable. Only those who can creatively develop the trend will have sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.  There is a say “ if you want to stay where you are, you have to run. If you want to move forward, you have to run faster.” With PT. TAS, you can run faster than your competitor. With innovative application and creatively, smartly blend with technical expertise and culinary skills, combined with our marketing and market insight, PT. TAS fulfills the client’s requirements in quality and product differentiation. PT. TAS is one of the modern companies in the industry, the employees understand the meaning of teamwork, and believe in the spirit of honesty, responsibility and creativity.